Strategic Social Media Community

A Community for Small Business Owners & Professionals

I have a secret to share with you… I’ve been working on something HUGE! I’ve been talking to you… small business owners, entrepreneurs, business professionals, bloggers, podcasters, consultants. You’re all struggling with the same thing.


You’re struggling to write content. You’re struggling to come up with fresh, new ideas for your social media platforms. You’re having trouble getting your ideas out and forming content that actually ENGAGES your audiences!


And I have a solution for you… a community of driven, like-minded business professionals who all have one thing in common…

They all want their business to SUCCEED!

Hi there, my name is Tresa and I am the Certified Social Media
Marketer behind Strategic Social Media Management.

Some of you may not know this about me, but I’ve been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember. When I was young, I was always looking for ways to be more independent, ways to make my own money and ways to grow and gain experience. It’s just become second nature for me to be an entrepreneur.

I’ve been a small business owner, I’ve started numerous of my own small businesses, and I’ve also been a partner in small business adventures, but I’ve been an entrepreneur of some sort or another most of my life. Most days, I’m a Mom-preneur, juggling the life of working, trying to run my own business and parenting while trying to remain halfway sane!

We all need help with content from time to time! We all have burning questions about social media marketing. We all need to know about the upcoming changes to major social media platforms and we NEED to know how they’re going to affect our businesses. And we need someone we can trust to give us that knowledge on a consistent basis, because social media is ALWAYS CHANGING!

I’m creating the Strategic Social Media Community, run by yours truly. 💕

There will be daily challenges and inspiration for creating content, an ABUNDANCE of FREE resources to further your business on social media, weekly coaching sessions with answers to YOUR questions about social media for small businesses, accountability and encouragement to show up for your business (every single day) on social media, weekly social media updates and tips on the coming changes to social media platforms and how they will affect our business, and SO. MUCH. MORE!

I’m looking for 10 founding members for this group; small business owners, entrepreneurs, the FOUNDATION for our community!

These members will have early access to the group and the opportunity to help contribute to the building blocks that form this community for future small business owners. They will be helping me shape this invaluable resource!

This group is perfect for the business owner who does it all, but needs a little help on the social media front. Someone who needs a little inspiration when they get stuck. For the entrepreneur who is having trouble engaging their audience. And so much more.

The early bird pricing will be $10/mo for the first ten founding members, and they will be locking that price in FOREVER. If you’re interested, send me a message and let’s get started!

Or head over to my Contact Me page and book a one-on-one!

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