Social Media Management for Small Businesses;

I specialize in Social Media Management & Consulting for Facebook Small Business Pages, Content & Graphic Creation, Strategic Content Planning & Scheduling, Advanced Branding & Brand Management, Social Media Marketing, Growth Foundation, Social Media Consulting & More!

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During our first four weeks together, we will work to re-engage your audience by publishing content consistently! We will work together to create a content calendar and lay our your social media marketing plan while laying the groundwork for converting your followers into members of your Facebook Group!

During our second set of four weeks, we will create and promote your group to your followers, while still publishing content to your Facebook Business Page, and transition your followers to being members of your new group! We will provide them with worth-while content and engaging copy, working to build a foundation of trust for future interactions!

Then, in our third set of four weeks, we will work to engage your group members and turn them into advocates for your brand and your business! With hard work and dedication, you will be able to generate leads and potential clients! We will work on publishing content consistently and keeping those group members engaged for months to come and help move your potential clients and customers through your sales funnel and help them on their journey to choosing YOU and your business.

  • Define Your Brand Persona
    • What Would Your Brand Say?
  • Identify Your Brand Voice
    • Why? What Does Your Brand Stand For?
  • Review Analytics
    • Find What Content/Copy Works & What Doesn’t
  • Create/Review Styles Guide
    • Make Sure Your Brand Is In Ling With Your Image
  • Social Media Marketing Plan
    • Create A Concise Plan & Outline Your Goals
  • Content Publishing Calendar
    • Outline Which Days Work Best For Publishing Content
  • Publish Content Consistently
    • Re-Trigger The Algorithm With Worth-While Content
  • Re-Engage Your Followers
    • Let Your Audience Know You Are There
  • Create Your Facebook Business Page Group
    • Reach Your Followers On A More Personal Level
  • Start Growing Your Group
    • Publish Content Consistently & Turn Your Followers Into Members
  • Engage Your Group Members
  • Create Strong Relationships & Brand Advocacy

And finally, we will use your group to create LEADS for you and your business! Your potential clients will already know you and your brand, and they will feel confident purchasing from you or working with you.