Clasara Oil Project

Clasara Oil is a local Green Bay/De Pere, WI business that creates Sunflower Oil from seeds grown right here in Northeastern, WI! Their 100% pure sunflower oil is cold-pressed in small batches to ensure freshness and also Non-GMO!


Rebranding & Graphic Design

New logo used to create brand awareness across multiple social media platforms.

New cover photos to be used for events, business stories, etc., thus strengthening brand awareness.

Video Creation

Facebook Store Setup

Facebook Page:

Before working with Strategic Social Media Management, Clasara Oil didn’t have a way to effectively showcase their amazing products on their Facebook Page!

Now, products can be tagged right in posts and photos that will lead customers directly to their online website and store where customers can purchase products with ease!

Graphic Creation

More Graphics

Event Creation & Management

Before working with Strategic Social Media Management, Clasara Oil had never created Facebook events to let their customers know where and when they would be selling their products in the local community!

Anyone searching for, “Green Bay Farmers Market,” could now immediately find Clasara Oil and their event at the Downtown Famers Market!

Events can be searched on Facebook by events that are happening today, tomorrow, next week and even next month!

It’s becoming more and more imperative that local events are listed on Facebook!

Infographics – All the information for your customers, all in one place.

Instagram Setup & Startup

Instagram Page:

Clasara Oil only had their business page set up on Facebook. With Strategic Social Media Management, we were able to set up a brand new Instagram profile for their business and start posting amazing content to really strengthen their brand awareness and show off their amazing products!!!