How To Change Up Your Facebook Algorithm

Ahhh, the Facebook algorithm. Does anyone REALLY know how it works other than Facebook? And how can we change our Facebook Algorithm in order to show up in our friend’s newsfeeds? Getting to know the Facebook algorithm can be challenging… but you can learn more about it and in what ways it really works to show people content on social media.

“The Facebook algorithm is how Facebook decides which posts users see, and in what order, every time they check their newsfeeds.” – Hootsuite

We’ve all been there before; you create a post on social media.
Everything is worded JUST right. You publish it at the most opportune time, when you think most people will be online… and it totally flops. No one comments on it, no one even LIKES IT! Nothing. Another failed attempt to make something of yourself on social media.

If you’re constantly scratching your head, wondering how you can change the Facebook Algorithm to work in your favor, I have a few tips and tricks for you.

Sometimes, it feels like the algorithm is constantly showing us the same content, over and over from the same exact people. And if you’re seeing the same people in your newsfeed all the time, chances are so is everyone else.

Whether you’re looking to change up your feed or you’re trying to get yourself to appear in other’s newsfeeds, try these things to change up your Facebook Algorithm.

How The Algorithm Works

Before we get started, there are three key signals that trigger Facebook to show users content…

  • Who a user typically interacts with
  • The type of media they interact with (links, photos, etc.)
  • The popularity of the post

As of 2020, Facebook has stated that its focus is on helping users understand the algorithm, and take control of those ranking signals to give it better feedback.” – Hootsuite

And while Facebook focusing on helping us understand the algorithm, it can still be difficult to change it up, not only to SEE different content but also to show up in other’s newsfeeds. But there are a few ways that you can tip the scales in your favor…

Ways To Change Up The Algorithm

Scroll Through Your Newsfeed with Purpose

Most of the time, we scroll through our newsfeed mindlessly. We either aren’t really paying attention or we are just there to pass the time. Subconsciously, we tend to engage with the same content, even if we aren’t realizing it.

Scroll through your feed with intent! The Facebook Algorithm takes note of how you interact with posts, even though it may seem like you’re not interacting. Interactions are measured by more than comments and likes. There are many interactions that we may not even think of as engagement. Even something as simple as clicking on an image or the “See More” button to see an entire post counts as an interaction. If you even so much as hesitate on someone’s post before scrolling past, the algorithm makes a note of that.

“All these signs will show the algorithm what you might be interested in or not.” – Metricool

If every time you open Facebook, the first thing you do is search for posts of your family, partner, friends or your favorite clothing brand, Facebook will know without a doubt that if these publications appear in your newsfeed, they will receive more interactions than if other content is shown.


A neat way to change up your algorithm is to like or comment on posts from friends that you’d like to see more of.

Message Friends You Would Like To See In Your Feed

Facebook is going to start shifting toward favoring private channels, such as Messenger conversations, groups, close friends interactions and more. Facebook tends to show you content from people that you interact with most often. This can be through tags in posts and photos, comments and replies, or people you message with.

A good way to see content from someone and let them see content from you is to send them a message and start a conversation!

Send Friend Requests to Suggested Friends

We see it all the time; People You May Know, Suggested Friends, 47 Mutual Friends… Facebook suggests friends to your based on mutual friends, suggested groups, work and education information, imported contacts, and more.

One of the simple easiest ways to grow your network and audience, and also trigger the algorithm to show your content to someone new, is to send or accept a friend request. Once that request is accepted, you’ll both automatically see each other’s next three posts, whether you want to or not.

If either of you engages or interacts with these posts, you’ll trigger the algorithm and continue to see content from them. If not, well then that content will forever be lost in the newsfeed.

The same goes for when you consistently engage and interact with a page or friend’s posts. Try going through several posts and scrolling right past them in your newsfeed. You might notice you don’t see as many of their posts anymore, if at all.

Publish Video Content; Go LIVE

The LIVE video option was introduced to Facebook in 2016.

Facebook LIVE is a fantastic way to increase social media engagement. Facebook Live videos also get six times more interactions than regular Facebook videos. So not only will your followers love it, but it also boosts your content in the Facebook algorithm.


Facebook LIVE also has its own notification system…

When a person or Page starts a Facebook Live feed, people they frequently engage with or have recently interacted with may get a notification. Viewers can choose to subscribe, which means they’ll be notified any time that broadcaster goes Live.


Going LIVE is a great way to keep your audience engaged! It’s also a great way to engage your new audience so that they will continue to see your content!

Be Authentic & Drive Discussions

In 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook newsfeed changes that prioritize “posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions.”

A great way to trigger the algorithm is to create posts that adds value to the time people spend on Facebook. Be sure to drive comments and conversations. The algorithm favors posts that have plenty of comments and comment replies; discussions in the comments section are GOLD!

So how can you drive those comments and replies?

Create posts that draw your reader in, but stay away from click- or engagement-bait; Facebook will suppress that sort of content! Rather, ask your audience a question or ask for their opinion. Be sure to encourage and reward discussions! Jump into the comments section yourself and create an inviting and personal space for your audience.

Manage Your Newsfeed Preferences

You can also take back control of your newsfeed by managing your newsfeed preferences…

Here, you can choose to prioritize whose posts you see first and unfollow people and groups! You can even reconnect with people or groups you’ve unfollowed and more.

You can learn a little bit more about that here.

Post Consistently, Yet Frequently

We all know posting consistently is one of the best ways to keep showing up in your friend’s newsfeeds. But why?

Facebook keeps track of the people or pages a fan interacted with, and gives a small boost to the visibility of the last fifty people/pages in the news feed.

Constant Contact

Now, you can’t keep posting the same suppressed content over and over again and expect to show up in your friends’ feeds. You have to post content that they will engage and interact with so that the algorithm will be triggered to show it to them again!

You can learn more about showing up in the Facebook newsfeed here.

If you need ideas on how to show up on social media consistently, be sure to check out my Social Media Community. Inside the community, you’ll find inspiration for posting consistently and new ways to engage your audience without your content getting suppressed.

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