About Me

Hi there, my name is Tresa, and I am the Certified Social Media Marketer behind Strategic Social Media Management!


As a social media manager, I specialize in planning and scheduling content and creating engaging copy for my clients on Facebook. We focus our time on creating a powerful brand awareness that your customers and audience will recognize and engage with!

I officially became a Certified Professional Social Media Marketer in August of 2019 through the Hootsuite Academy!

The Social Marketing Certification indicates competency and proficiency in the tactical applications of the essential elements of social marketing, including social media strategy, community building, content marketing, and social media advertising.

After running the social media accounts for my own business ventures for over 7 years, I had years of hands-on experience and I loved social media! In August of 2019, I became a Certified Social Media Marketer so that I could help other small business owners and entrepreneurs navigate the ever-changing world of social media. Together, we work to manage their social media presence and content on Facebook through business pages, groups and community pages!

My favorite part about being a social media manager is helping my clients make time to focus on the parts of their business they actually enjoy! They get to refocus their energy and focus on the parts of their business they actually enjoy. They don’t have to worry as much about sharing content or creating copy constantly for their business on social media!

How I Got Started…

At the beginning of 2019, I was desperate to be at home with my son, Jackson. In early January, my son started not responding to his name, wouldn’t make eye contact, was only speaking in one-word phrases and we were struggling to connect with him. At that point, he was spending 10+ hours a day in daycare and he wasn’t doing well. He was acting out, he wasn’t playing with his peers, he wouldn’t sit at the table with the other children in his classroom. It became abundantly clear that he wasn’t getting what he needed. I needed to spend more time with my son at home and give him the attention that he needed.

After a few months, I was quickly put in a position where I needed to choose between my role as a mother and having a career. I couldn’t have both; it was impossible to work 9 to 5 every day of the week and take my son to all the appointments that were piling up. I could not properly advocate for my son while I was sitting behind a desk for 9+ hours a day and working for someone else.

In May of 2019, I started working on the idea for my business. I was going to become a social media manager! I bought my domain for my business, worked tirelessly on my website, and tried to get my business up off the ground while I continued to work 20+ hours at my job. I stayed up hours into the late evening after my son was asleep working and absorbing as much information as I possibly could!

In August, I was finally ready to become a certified social media marketer! After I took the certification course, I had three signed contracts and I left my corporate job to return to being an entrepreneur and pursue my business full-time!

In January of 2020, Jackson was identified with educational autism. And even though it’s been tough, being an entrepreneur has given me the freedom to be a mother and have a career! It’s given me the freedom to take my son to all of his appointments. It’s given me the opportunity to give him what he needs and to advocate for my son so that he gets the care and support he needs to thrive. Being an entrepreneur has given me the freedom to not have to choose between my career and my son… and for that, I am forever grateful!

My work…

I’ve been a small business owner, partner, sole-proprietor and entrepreneur for 7+ years. My mom and I co-ran an art workshop together for nearly 7 years as a mommy-daughter duo! And as a social media manager, I’ve worked with clients from multiple industries; bloggers, podcasters, small and medium business owners, solo-preneurs, and more!

Social media is always changing. With the constant changes to algorithms and news feeds, continuous education is essential to success as a social media marketer and I take that very seriously. I operate on professional integrity and work based on the best practices of social media! As a premium LinkedIn account holder, I have access to 1,000’s of hours worth of training and continued education, with new information going live every single week!

You can see my certifications and on-going education by checking out my Certifications page!

If you’d like to start working together, head on over to the Contact Me page or book a one-on-one call below!