Welcome to Strategic Social Media Management!

Hi there, my name is Tresa and I’m the social media manager that will help you create an engaged audience that actually looks forward to and engages with your posts! By defining your brand and creating a social media marketing plan, I help my clients create engaging copy and publish content consistently to create meaningful relationships with their audience through Facebook Business Pages, Groups & Communities, and even their personal pages!

How many times have you gone to create a post on your Facebook page and you have no idea what to write?

Working together, we will take the guess-work out of creating your social media copy! During our first four weeks together, we will define your Brand Persona and identify your Brand Voice, giving us a clear definition of why and what and your brand should say!

We will then review your analytics to find what works and what doesn’t for your business on social media, giving us the what and the when that your brand should be posting.

We will then create a Styles Guide for your brand so that your brand image stays consistent throughout your entire social media presence, giving us a clearly defined brand image to stick with throughout our journey together.

We will then take all of this information and create an informed Strategic Social Media Marketing Plan and Content Publishing Calendar, taking all of the guess-work out of when and what to publish on Facebook! You’ll never have to sit and wonder what you’re going to post while we work together. Together, we will consistently publish content to your Facebook Business Pages, Community Pages and Groups while creating an engaged audience that will actually look forward to your content!

“Tresa is the most professional, driven and organized individual I know. You will not regret calling her and trusting her with your social media management needs.

5-Star Google Review